Fuzzbubble - Fuzzbubble
Debut album produced by Mike Clink (Guns n' Roses), mixed by Jack Joseph Puig (Jellyfish, The Goo Goo Dolls, Green Day)

"The energetic pill at the beginning of the album called Bliss is enriched with the solo guitar of Eddie Kurdzel from the conceptual sympathizers, Redd Kross, the angelic background vocals of Suzanna Hoffs are all over the wonderful ballad Ordinary as well as on the imaginary White Album out-take When It Stops Raining (with a nice Harrisolo!) where she’s also joined by the moderndaze keyboard-wizzard Roger Manning.

When you add a couple of numbers with all the necessary power-pop attributes like Zero Superstar or the “revolverized” Big Time Nowhere and Real World as the “hey Jude”-finale, plus the supermegaultra hit (if we were in a more righteous world) Don’t Let It Get You Down, you get an album that surpasses all the standards!" - Popdiggers